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GemrKill® instant hand sanitizer is a 75% alcohol based hand rub that uses the same formulation which is used in USA and South Africa. 

We offer a range of quality hand sanitizers, instant surface disinfectants, liquid hand wash, disinfectant fogging solution, disinfectant mist solution and alcohol free multipurpose disinfectant solution to meet the needs of our customers. 

Our most popular product is the GemrKill® Instant Hand Sanitizer and Instant Surface Disinfectant which comes in a twin pack combo for quick use on the go be it in the home, office or during travel. 

GemrKill® unique formulation eliminates both transient and resident micro-organisms ensuring protection for users when applied correctly. 
It is also mint fragranced leaving a fresh scent when used. 

Our hand sanitizers are also 100% pure natural emollient which restores lost moisture to prevent the skin from drying when used constantly. 
This helps to protect the skin as other brands of hand sanitizers may dry up the skin causing it to crack which results in pain when used often. 

Use our GemrKill® Alcohol Free Multipurpose Disinfectant Solution to disinfect your house space or office space along with items such as clothing, parcels that you receive as it is ready to use and no rinsing is required. 
It also comes in with a mist spray bottle for easy spraying to disinfect and sanitize and there is also the option of a 5L bottle for office or commercial use. 

Our range of quality hand sanitizers, disinfectants, hand wash, fogging solution, mist solution and multi-purpose disinfectant solution is formulated to be non-allergic which means it does not cause any skin irritation when it comes into contact with the skin. 

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