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Combo Starter Kit
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Combo Starter Kit
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Combo Starter Kit
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Combo Starter Kit

Our GemrKill® Combo Starter Kit comes with 1 mini sanitizing mist device, 1 bottle of 100ml disinfectant mist solution and 1 bottle of 100ml plant-based mosquito repellent which is perfect for those who are constantly traveling. 

Mini Mist Sanitizing Device 

Our mini mist sanitizing device is light weight and easy to carry around for convenient use. 
Just disinfect with our nano mist without getting your hands wet. 
Our GemrKill® disinfectant mist solution is non-alcohol so it is safe to store and use in the car with the mist device.
Turn on the mist device immediately to disinfect the car when you enter the vehicle. 
Use it to disinfect your hands after pressing on the elevator or lift buttons.
It's so versatile that you can even disinfect yourself or guests before entering the house or office. 

Our mist device has an 18ml water tank which is used to store our mist disinfectant solution.
It has a nozzle where the mist disinfectant solution is sprayed out from. 
Press the switch to turn it on or off. 
It also has an indicator light with a charging port.  

GemrKill® Disinfectant Mist Solution

Our GemrKill® disinfectant mist solution is formulated with functional scents that not only scent up the space but also neutralize unpleasant smells at molecular level. 
Its unique formulation contains CDC/WHO recommended active ingredients for instant disinfection. 
No rinsing is required as it comes ready to use and will also deodorizes. 

GemrKill® Plant-Based Mosquito Repellent 

Our GemrKill® Plant-Based Mosquito Repellent is able to repel mosquitos 100% ! 
Our unique plant-based formulation ensures that it is chemical-free so that it does not pose any health hazards when being used to repel those pesky mosquitos from biting you so that you can get a good night's sleep at home. 
Its calming scents will also freshen the air while keeping pests away. 
Perfect for use in the evenings at home or when one is outdoors either traveling or having meals with family and friends.

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