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Pulse Oximeter
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Pulse Oximeter
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Pulse Oximeter

Our GemrKill® pulse oximeter provides your daily measurement needs.
It is simple to operate with its small design which makes it portable to carry with you anywhere. 
Our fingertip pulse oximeter has a soft silicone padding with strong clip to ensure it does not slip off your finger while taking measurements.
Its resistant clip is non-invasive which means no pricking and is able to accommodate the widest of finger sizes from pediatric to adults. 
Our pulse oximeter has a low power consumption display with 6 modes and 4 directions of viewing. 
It also has a low battery indication so that you will know when to have the batteries changed. 
For those who are recovering from Covid-19, we recommend using our GemrKill® Portable Oxygen Inhaler.
It has an oxygen purity of 99.6% per 1000ml bottle and is suitable for emergency use. 
It comes with an inhaler tank, connecting valve, breathing mask, button and oxygen. 
Our portable oxygen inhaler is lightweight and portable which makes it suitable for travelling and mountain hiking.
It is used to help in recovery post exercise and is also good for the health and wellness of elderly folks.
Needless to say, it is of great help during seasons of air pollution when you badly need some clean, fresh air for your lungs. 
The portable oxygen inhaler also improves sports performance and endurance. It is a remedy for altitude sickness! 
It also helps students to improve their concentration and memory while studying.  

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